6 May 2012

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Anonymous said...

That was beautiful vis, out of this world, thankyou... this is for you...not sure why just seems appropriate..all the best dear vis...Jean. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkOoZDK7Rz8

Visible said...


apparently that video is not permitted for me to watch in the country I'm in. You can tell me what it is and I can find it another way

Stella Blue said...
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Anonymous said...

vis and all
Through heights of school I have called ye dogs
In this time that problem will be solved
Punctuation is not true law devalues hue
Through and through thought and thought
It is distinguished all we have thought
Unto this day our daily bread a shame not all is fed
With this cadence we must agree be sure not to harbor greed
I will stop now in a wake for the roasted chicken has finished bake.
elcee helcee I was in deed now I take the name jethro jingle heimer smitz indeed
with or without earthly needs

Visible said...

ah stella shimmer....

my love to you each and all as the villains get tangled in their nets.

Thomas said...

I have to say, that poetry struck me with awe. Intensely beautiful.

thanks for sharing :)