18 May 2012

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Erica said...

Thanks again Vis-one day your constant reminders will finally convince me to cease seeking contentment in the bread and circuses of material existence.
I've been looking for 'the meaning of life' since around the age of fourteen,forty three years ago.
Before you there were several meaningful books to point me in the right direction-so have been heading there slowly but surely-just wish the journey could have been less painful!
Keep on keeping on.

ElvisSweet said...

All was said in that poignant moment at 13:11, profound indeed……. God is love, lover beloved - oh man there are no words – thank you, bless you x

http://youtu.be/OsIEHlF_-fk (Matisha Family of An - remember it’s all for love)

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Fastest 15 minutes ever!

I was thinking of the Lord and His associates the entire time and it wasn't really very hard, either..

The dogs were barely audible but from what I could hear they sounded pretty excited!

Cheering you onward and upward!

Living metaphors so very dear. Not envious or jealous or forgetful in serving your best interest(s).

We should perform so well..

Les Visible prabhu you're an exquisite friend to us all!


Visible said...

Thank you for picking up on everything Homer, my soul brother (grin). We definitely need to be in one another's company one of these days. Haribo!

brokenbeat said...

Thanks, Vis, for your broadcast and for mentioning to me in one of your blogs that it would be pertinent to my concerns. It was indeed and I see that Bahkti -- worship, communion, seeking -- should be foundational to all other work I'm doing. It may in fact be all that is required or possible, but any effect on my other work could only be positive -- enhancing and accelerating the process.

Thanks again, and I enjoyed the dogs chiming in - it wasn't distracting and was a fun touch from other expressions of the Divine. No doubt they barked wisdom as well...perhaps intended for pets of listeners!


John V.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

I had to laugh as the dogs there went off, the kookaburras here went off, autnies, uncles and all.

so it's kkoookoookaaakaaa (Aloha) and a kangaroo (Ahroo) from the land and hemisphere where apparently everyone thinks radiation doesn't present a problem, in the end.

if God didn't exist we'd have to invent one. else it's all hopeless and not meaningful.

dave1010 said...

Brandy and cigars for all. Oh yea. Thanks again Vis.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Yes Les Visible prabhu, 2013 at the Prayag, Lord willing.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, Les! A real tonic and much needed. With love and thanks.

Citizen Elle said...

Thank you - this one I am listening to over & over & over.
You have really "sharpened your saw" oh, wise one.

I love who you are & that you;re reasing your game. Looking forward to it.
Will miss you but look forward to your return after the big task at hand.

many blessings~
~~~from the deep~~~