22 April 2012

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Stella Blue said...

Had me lol-ing there thru the intro! Dung Slugs & Slum Dugs. Auroboros slither-sucking his own tail. "I lost my cell phone, where's my GD latte?, is the lettuce fresh?"

Beedle-eee-dee-doo-DEEEEEE-wop! Had me scat-littering along, thinking about your wild & crazy poems on Streams...Bad Leroy in his Geeee-orrrr-ggggguh FlubtheDubya bit in the peni-t.t.t.t.t.tentiary of the mind. Esp. "the 60watt bulb dangling in eerie reminiscence of some forgotten film noir where my heart was broken..."

Elsewhere, meanwhile, is bee--ooo-tee-full in the biodiversity of the spheres where "everything in time turns to its opposite, day to night, hot to cold, the hope of youth into the resignation of age and the hell of a compromised life" with post-it notes everywhere.

Ahhh, but I wax squirrelly, Starfleet Commander. Ariadne's calling me to knit a sweater--the weather's supposed to be changing.

Anonymous said...

honest good stuff, would you care for more?

Thomas said...

Haha! "I don't know if they're real, but they're BIG" - seriously, you sound like a happy little child in this one. I was laughing through the whole show, it made me so utterly deligthed to hear your voice stripped of reins, it seemed, flying free with the wind. Beatiful! And, thanks :)