15 April 2012

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Kevenj said...

Hee hee. Excellent!

Anonymous said...

for the past year i have been playing chess everyday -- usually 3 games per day -- with my closest friend and fellow searcher.

each day we feel absolutely compelled to play -- it's what we look forward to. neither of us is ever 'not into it'...we are into it big time. the concentration and focus never lag (and we are not adverse to 'lagging' in most areas) at first i could not really understand why we were doing this ...and then slowly it became apparent that we were being taught on this 3D game board how to navigate the temporal world...how to use our intuition...when to 'listen' to the guidance that is always there...it has been some mad mad times, my friend. and now it has become inarguable...that we play our best when we let IT play....our posturing and egos and 'skillz' are nothing....we are nothing...IT is in the game and teaching us...to let go. to believe.

what a year.....

with love and devotion...

liz in l.a. (where the birds of fukushima have come to lay their glowing eggs....!)

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I felt an especially sweet lilt in your delivery.

An optimistic finality in your wit and humor.

(you can't cheat an honest man)

Stella Blue said...

Liz in L.A.--
I am a newcomer to the Visible blogs, and so far have always enjoyed your posts! The serving coffee one...
The metaphor (personal difficulties) of "bishop to queen's-rook-7" jumped into my mind here. I value your sincerity and humility!

And Les--
This one was my first radio show of yours, and it just rocked my world!

I've listened twice now & want to yet again.


Visible said...

Well thank you all very much. Maybe I should have put up the first take on the wing but something jarred me listening even though I pretty much said the same things except for the song I was singing which I didn't.

My inner voices tell me that I am to be leaving for somewhere shortly. I don't know where it is but someone is going to get in touch with me and then I will know. For some reason the latest comments made me think about that.

Visible said...

Good grief! I'm talking about tonight's show and you haven't even heard it yet. That would be Lady K dancing in my head (GRIN).