4 March 2012

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Kray Z8 said...

Dog Poet,

Sorry to hear of the testing and turmoil, but apparently this, too, is for the purposes of demonstration. You know as well as anyone that there is value in all experience.

I'm gratified (but not surprised) that in the midst of your own challenges you're still able to offer ideas of merit to others. Your statement "God is found in every moment" had particular resonance with me. It's helped me to regain some perspective during this energy storm we are all riding out. Thanks for sharing your gift.

Peace, Love, Balance,


gurnygob said...

Good advice Les. The first part didn’t make much sense to me but then maybe it wasn’t meant to. Good show as always, lots to think about. I have found a peace returning to my mind and heart over the past week or so despite all the mundane stuff that life deals out. I think it’s a combination things. Seeking God more throughout the day, reading your blogs and others and the many comments, getting answers to questions that may or may not be true but nonetheless are sufficient for the purpose of explanation until a brighter light shines on them; and last but not least, it’s spring and that always brings hope even in times of darkness such as these.

Peace and love from the land with 40 shades of Green.


coletteonice said...

Your words are sweet balm for my soul..was feeling quite"shaky" today,your words reassured me to keep my faith in God Creator ..keep talking,sharing and thanking him.Thanks for this Visible, you showed me this particular path anyway, and I am very grateful.
Was a great radio show by the way ..and I am sure all will be resolved in time...your penetrating honesty will always prevail.

Visible said...

Thank you Colette.

I'm trying to fight the good fight and sometimes I go off the rails but quite often that is because one of my invisible friends pushes me off the rails. Sometimes people don't get that but then the evidence of what follows proves out the need for having done it, as it did in this case.

MaryMary said...

Tried to post a thank you. Not sure what is happening here, but thank you for the radio and blog posts. I check them every day. Love, MaryMary

Thomas said...

Hey Les,

listened to the last 5 radio shows yesterday, all the ones you made while I was in central America.

They are ALL sweet! Really really.
"God does not work for Dominos Pizza" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I like very much the beginning of the one from 12/2, to point out one thing. Like beatpoetry on steroids, fuelled by Love and Truth.

All of them. Thank you :)