25 March 2012

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Tyler Vincent said...

"Justice is comprehensive and absolute no matter how it looks. Don't be decieved by appearances and do not go in fear of temporal, corporate, or fundie religious influences. The idea is to make you submissive to the way things look so that you will be abliging to the intended confinement of your free spirit and make you a prisoner of fear while your faith and the greatest power of all is dimished. Reason this out. Make the connection. This is the greatest test. Who do you trust? Who do you trust?"

- You damn rights they are helpful visible... beautiful show. Thank you for taking the time to share this with us. Love you brother.

Anonymous said...

lalalalaaaa lalalallaaaaa ....loving you is easy cuz your beautiful.....

i wish we lived a few miles apart so i could wander over for a smoke and coffee chat once in awhile

i think we would be very comfortable friends

since my job vanished last year i have been telling myself i work for the Divine and go about handling the mundane with a glow of illumination....you would not believe how much dog shit i have picked up....unlike the wilds it is the LAW to pick it up here.

each day throws up another set of challenges...now and then i forget and let them knock me around...and then i remember to remember...and it all spins as it should....

thank you so much for your ether(eal) camaraderie. it has helped to make the kali yuga an adventure in consciousness and not the asskicking it could have been...

your pal in los angeles


Cap'n Spadgett said...

When Lord Caitanya inquired from Rāmānanda Rāya about the most famous man in this world, the latter replied that anyone who is known as a great devotee of the Lord is to be accepted as the most famous.
Srimad-Bhagavatam 4.9.50

May the whole world sing along with you.

Visible said...

Thank you both! liz, you never know what might happen. I suspect we will meet. When I was in LA, years ago, I made it my job; didn't have one, to pick up all the broken glass on the sidewalk. There was a lot of it.

D_Man said...

This is pure gold and easily my favorite show yet! Thank you Thank you, it is More Visible! Mine is a life positively influenced by your efforts, thank you Thank You!

Stella Blue said...
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