18 March 2012

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Andrew of Sydney said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, yes this time feels positive to me, groovy, to use a 60's term...I don't know why, and I cannot tell you what is happening to make me feel this way...does it matter? Not really...about to embark on a journey to the land of Khazar and Spain, also Albion, wish me luck, I'll take my journal note pad in case I witness anything significant....I'll keep reading along the way...

Thomas said...

haha! this one was absolutely hilarious. I was laughing hard, many times.

You ask, I think, here's my answer:
You are not the only one whom the spirits converse with. Also me they tell to relax and just watch and act according to my heart, and sometimes do things from higher places that I don't understand, but that seem very spot on. This is especially regarding sanctimonious situations, such as ceremony and prayer. There I am guided by the intuition and the spirit chatter. Everything can be treated in a holy way, but some situations inspire it more than others... ;)

Also, I think you are right on the mark when you express your view of things to come. Outrageous and crazy and perhaps outstandingly weird and topsy-turvy. Doom and gloom to those who see that, who look at the world through fear-glazed eyes. My personal prediction is that the Babylon System (with Lucifer at the reins) will continue right into the next level (negative, so the left-handed path), but will shed and reveal many of its fools on the way. Well, Jah knows, I don't.
The anchor is secure in the Divine, thank you thank you thank you for inspiring that in me, again :)

That islam kundalini text you shared was AMAZING. One of the most interesting and clear-sighted things I have read in a long time. And right while I was fasting for the first time, hah! (what a great untapped resource! - How little I know, and how much there is to learn, whoohoo!! :D) Personally, I have a great interest in spiritual techniques, and Jah provides also. All the theory is useless unless we have the means to put it into practice. But, I just got plenty of things to train, as prerequisites to astral projection (getting closer, I am, but not there yet, hehe).

Oh, one last thing I wish to share with you. The spirits told me the other day, as a response to "I know nothing" - with: "and nothing you know is Real". I think you might have that understanding also.

Cheers Vis, master word-smith and inspiring Light. I am very grateful for what you are doing :)

Visible said...

I'm even more grateful for your gratitude.

Kray Z8 said...

Dog Poet,

I agree with you and the two who posted above. Lately I've had an almost irrational optimism; completely unrelated to the evidence all around. Ironically, this only serves to validate it further. If it's not caused by the minutae of the constuct then there's only one Source it can be coming from. Thank You for your informal and genuine style on this broadcast, and for the direct connection on a couple of points I've been wrestling with. As always, a pertinent message in a clear manner. Sail on!

Peace, Love, Wonder


Anonymous said...

nirvana and samsara are the same, it depends on your own objectives, think outside the box. Hard sometimes, but a good out of body experience upon the tree of life is not out of the question.

Lucifer is the annointed cherubim, unhurt by any of this. He does his job well, he need only point in the direction, why not that?

I shall be that which I shall be, and freely willing at that.