11 March 2012

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Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Ha! Ha!
Your ad lib is very relaxing.

Reminds me of getting ready, set, concentrate yet relax for that fastball, and then comes the change-up.

Always instructive, never boring, slow motion humility check.

The best medicine is priceless and free..

Gordon M said...

Just found your stuff. Very nice indeed cos I listen to radio a lot and most of it is mindless pap ... works as a burglar deterrent too. Off to trawl your back catalogue of aural musings squire, keep up the excellent work.

Richie (Dana) said...

Mr. Vis,
I just got to this today.
I would highly recommend that you continue to "talk out of the side of your head".
Maybe it is just me and where I am at the moment, but it just rings so true and personal.
It is very interesting how some guy in Germany can think these American thoughts. God love you Sir.

Extreme gratitude is all I have to give you.


Kray Z8 said...

Dog Poet,

Wing on, the grain is coming out nicely. The vehicle is not as important as the cargo; another successful delivery.

I never tire of wise souls pointing out the difference between religion and spirituality. Seems to be gaining traction in the world, and as such, will be the key to ending our slavery. Thanks for continuing to put it out there. Thanks also for posting "I Need More Light" on the blogs. Your music is right up my alley, and FWIW, I think it would be an excellent song for Willy.

Peace, Love, Resonance,