25 December 2011

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est said...

i can only send
my love
all of it

polyb said...

Thanks again Les! BTW, I do believe during the celebrations of Saturnalia participants drank excessively. Must of been a wild roman time! On a different note, 'The Green Test'! This might make a good addition to your test repertoir. Basically any environmental 'whatever' that does NOT advocate the use of hemp is false! Seriously Les! Can you actually believe people are seriously promoting environmentalism and yet fail to mention this wonderful plant? When they don't they have failed, imho.

Visible said...

Very true, my friend.

polyb said...


Richie (Dana) said...

I am just going to say.....Wow

I do realize it the 29th and I just now get to this, but this is very good Mr. Visible.

Those darn Christians.
I first felt guilty...then realized I was not, nor ever have been.
Something really does happen this time of year.


Nate said...


You made me cry tears of joy with your message.

Thank you for this my friend.

You nailed it.

Be well in your travels,



LifeinCreation said...

dear vis,
getting to this very late, but oh my goodness you blew me away. this is the best christmas message i have ever heard! (and growing up in church every sunday i heard many!).
love and more love,