6 November 2011

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doubtingneil said...

Bless your heart brother les, you were right, you have nailed it in this radio conversation with those of us who will listen. Smoking mirrors and this have been a flotation device that have come just in the nick of time. I am so happy for you to have reached the pearl of great price, I think you have attained the goal because you give yourself away, there is much talk about money on the comment section of S/M, but that filthy lucre just gets in the way don't it, and what could be more valuable than what you have earned. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. love

Anonymous said...

Maybe its not just you and it is getting warm in here. Something about "made simple and nose on my face and discover on my own." I'm thankful I found you. I'll stay. I want to see how it ends. Endure. Thanks Dog Poet.


Anonymous said...

Vis, this is the first time I've downloaded your broadcast because I normally catch it live and I have to tell you how much I enjoyed it.

The sheep drama was unexpected lol.

So what did I get out of it you might be asking yourself?

Much more than I can articulate here. Our soul knows when it's being buzzed.

Thanks again hon

Hugs and love