20 November 2011

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Richie (Dana) said...

Very nice show Les,
I kinda feel partially responsible for the silliness the other day because it seems I started it. I just wanted to say that I did take it seriously and have been practicing diligently.

Very nice to hear your voice again, we missed you.


lightandlongshadows said...


Anonymous said...

Dog Poet,

It makes sense. Thanks for what you say. It is good.


Robin Redbreast said...

Fantastic - I needed those words -
Anger and frustration were especially resonant (were;))
Thank you
LLPP xxxx

Anonymous said...

"The transparency of existence is there to marvel at by those whose own deceptions have not closed their eyes to what is taking place RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM. This is how people can go through their whole lives unaware of the indescribable wonder that surrounds them. Its a puzzle and a mystery... you can explain it to people. Sometimes they will even nod their heads, but they won't hear you and its a strange affair... and make no mistake... its... like walking through the worlds biggest open air mental institution. Its like being surrounded by somnambulists who get angry when you shake their shoulder."

Amen Les. I think I understand what you are talking about. With some help of the practices you describe... like snorting, meditation, clearing the mind, practicing the presence... sensing the inaudible ringing and music... I can feel the presence all of the time.

God hides in plain sight in ways that only the person experiencing the event can understand... most people wouldn't believe it, much less see it.

Its like being in a mental institution where one of your invisible friends appears out of nowhere walking around in their birthday suit playing the bagpipes... and only AFTER you were released do you realize that it was their birthday.

How embarrassing. ;)

This summer was quite a specticle. Dreams I've had months and even years ago have come into manifestation. At times clouds would align themselves into buddhas, hearts or other shapes pointing me where to go... the only thing I could do was surrender and accept that I didn't know, but that I wouldn't be experiencing this if it wasn't real. Through this whole experience the divine was making me more dependant upon the divine, and helping to remove my shortcomings.

I was guided and lead by the divine right down to the finest detail. I would stand there, look up... right there... right then... exactly where I should be seeing something that only I and that which was resident within me could understand. The more I let go and allowed this to flow, the more the world seemed to act out in the unpredictable ways. Synchronicity occurred everywhere... it was like walking around though a movie set at times. The divine also lead me to others who were experiencing similar things. You get the idea, you've been there.

This show bought a glowing smile to my face... it was exactly what I needed to hear. I appreciate all that you do. Thank you Visible.


onething said...

Yeah, I'm one of the ones who didn't say anything but went about trying to implement your technique. Kind of like a walking za zen. Not that I'm any good at it; quite the contrary, my mind is a lot like my last dog. An escape artist, extremely fast, always wanting to run. But it's a good technique, for some reason the blowing helps. I can feel the thoughts hovering around, still unformed but seeking a particle around which to form themselves. Isn't it funny how the moment you start a fantasy is like the moment you fall asleep, a moment you never see happening.

~F~ said...

sir, you make perfect since to me, I'm sincerely grateful of the call to endure. peace always to you.

ckpc said...

Dear Mr. Visible,
I've been long overdue in offering my gratitude for the impact you've had on me. Though I've been reading your blog for nearly two years, I've never posted a comment. Insecure, I guess, because not only are you a wordsmith extraordinaire, but so are many of your regular supporters.
So, please accept my heartfelt appreciation for the wisdom you share with so many of us who are searching for truth and connection.

Your show tonight was exceptionally comforting. Your words, your wisdom, your patient teaching, and the wonderful timbre/quality of your voice. This is a show I will listen to again and again, as it truly resonates with this lost soul.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

-Connie in Colorado

Kray Z8 said...


This show was simply profound. You directly addressed some issues which I've been wrestling with lately, and the help is much appreciated. Your blogs are excellent, too, but the radio shows have their own unique vibe for me and I sincerely encourage you to continue them. Thanks and keep howlin'.

Peace, Love, Gratitude,


Matt McCauley said...

Comment 10. I agree, it is an intimidating place to speak up, so to speak.

I offer thanks for your work. It makes me feel both sane as well as like a flea on a dehydrated camel.