13 November 2011

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A Jazz Travisty said...

Another fantastic show visible. This one really hit me between they eyes tonight as I have just played a jazz gig that I hadn't rehearsed for with the band in the most respected jazz venue in perth australia. The whole day I was freaking out as I hadn't had the chance to rehearse with the pianist I was playing with. I just had to put all my trust in god to see me through. He sure didn't let me down. Besides a few forgotten lyrics it went far better then i could have imagined.
I tend to refer to God as 'the universe' when I'm around certain people. I always say "the universe looks out for me". As my life experience has proved this time and time again certain close friends have asked me, most likely in jest, why the universe treats me so kindly. To one recently I said "Give the universe everything of you, and it will give you everything of it". I don't know if he really understood what I meant, but hopefully it precipitates down for him to.
Have to download this show as well. This one I think deserves a few listens

Visible said...

Thank you my friend. I usually call it the cosmos for the same reasons.

Anonymous said...

My dear, dear Les, I listen to all your radio shows and read your all your blogs. I am selfish for them and I derive strength from them. I noted your separation from Lily in your previous (first mention)blog. I know/understand that particular separation and have enjoyed being a pupil of our furry and feathered friends. I believe they have more to offer than many give them credit. They deserve our respect and kindness. Ginger, who happened to be a cat, taught me much about love and respect in my childhood. A half century has passed and I look forward to meeting up with her again in the future.
Your words inspire, provoke reflection, inform and teach. After every reading and hearing, I thank the Divine for availing your thoughts to me and I sometimes express my appreciation in written form to you and other times it's just a telepathic gratitude for all your efforts. As many others here, I anxiously anticipate and hope for a future time we can be together joyously and harmoniously. With love and appreciation, Serena

Anonymous said...

If you are wondering why few people comment on your radio shows it might be the technicality of quoting from audio. I prefer your radio shows over your written articles regardless of what is said but referring to what was said is more difficult.

This radio show was really promising, who wouldn't want what you advertised can be had?
I am not quoting you exactly but I'll try:
"I'm not trying to sell you on the Tarot". Good, I'm already sold on the possible immeasurable gifts but I might prefer some other technique.

You mentioned the Rider deck
and Paul Foster Cases book. Actually
there seem to be three, "The Book of Tokens, Tarot Meditations", "The Tarot, A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages" and
"Highlights of Tarot". Does it matter?

Also you mentioned the Chaldean Flame Alphabet that describes a universal science that if understood can lead to suddenly discovered talents.
Any articles, authors or books about this? I don't want to climb up the wrong Kaballah tree.

Please tell me about other techniques to achieve the same as with the Tarot regarding communicating with the unconscious or letting the unconscious work for you.

And most importantly, before improving my false self what can I do for resolving the questions "who am I" and "what am I supposed to do?" without being mislead by one of my false personalities.


Anonymous said...

Les, I do like the radio broadcasts. Will try to comment more. Your stuff is all great.


Machiventa Melchizedek

Anonymous said...

Excellent, Vis. Tremendous show! Your reminders of what to focus on and what to abandon are most helpful for the slow learners like myself.

DaveR said...

Les, I listen to every 'radio' show. Sometimes twice, which is because of my short attention span. I don't comment here I know, but I don't comment much over there either. One reason is because (not complaint) that many times the recordings are much the same content as a recent written piece. Then again, it's your time, you do as you wish - like you wouldn't anyway.

I also agree with that guy about lifting quotes to reference being much more difficult.

Basically, if you record it, I will listen.

Anonymous said...

I saw your comment on today's blog about the lack of comments on the audio posts indicating a potential lack of interest. I don't often comment (others do it better) but just wanted to say that your audio posts (and blog entries) have kept me and several others I know, going through this difficult time. I don't think that you should take the lack of comments as a sign of a lack of interest. to be honest, I didn't even realize that you could post comments to the radio blog, and I suspect that this is the case with others.

Thank you for getting the message out to people. it has meant a lot to me.

Visible said...

I didn't mention The Book of Tokens because I was keeping it simple and The Highlights is only a pamphlet.

I couldn't offhand think of a book for that particular question but you can find almost anything on the internet. As for other mediums, the yogic sciences provides this. Any legitimate vehicle will do so but I'm not going to start listing things because I would rather people came upon these things on their own. All one has to do is ask the inner abiding self for anything and it will come around at the appropriate time. I hope you understand, I have more than one reason for this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dog Poet.
Good stuff.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Les

Kray Z8 said...

Greetings Les,

I'm an avid listener of your radio shows, and grateful as well. I sincerely urge you to continue this form; I think it's a valuable adjunct to your written blogs.

Your reference to your beloved compannion was noted, but I was a little late for posting a comment. But, since you mentioned it here... My condolences for your loss. Without a doubt, her companionship was a blessing. IMHO, dogs are a gift from the Creator so we can have live demonstrations of qualities like unconditional love, unshakeable devotion, patience and happiness through diversity, and spontaneous contentment. They give us a model to aspire to. Like the T-shirt says, "I want to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am".

Concerning your broadcast, thanks. It was much needed reinforcement of basic truths. My path is my own, but your keen insight and masterful articulation help me to stay on track. I appreciate your efforts and message.

Peace, Love, Perception,


Cap'n Spadgett said...

This figure is the man who lives his life in faith,who has given over the meaning of his life to God and lives his life centered on Gods energies. He accepts what ever happens to him in this Visible dimension without a complaint, lives his life as a duty, faces death without a qualm... no task is to frightening to be beyond his courage. The great strength of such an ideal is that it allows one to be open, generous, courageous, to touch others lives and to enrich them and to open them in turn. As a saintly person has no fear of life and death trip to lay on to others, he does not cause them to shrink back onto themselves, he does not coerce or manipulate them.
Ernest Becker, in his book the denial of death speaking of the cosmic hero, the Knight of Faith.

This description describes you to a tee Les. If there were any words that could for a moment contain who you are they are above. Such a great accomplishment in these times and I congratulate you on that.

The sincerity within your voice along with your conviction of the subjects of which you speak bring a smile to my face and peace to my heart.

I posted this anon a month or so ago but wish to post it again under my name. Not for recognition, just to put a name to my gratitude.

I hope you don't mind me twisting your words.

Greetings to the one who rules the 18+ million ethernets of the internet
Greetings to the one who created all these blogs out of himself
Who permeates and rules them and who's consciousness shines out through them
and who's words dwell in me.

Greetings to the one who is one alone and speaks for the many as one
Who sees the substance of things unseen
Who always has more of where that came from no matter how much that may be
The shinning light that lives by example

Greetings to the living light behind these messages
Who composes these essay's and says the unsay able in so many ways
Greetings to the qualities and virtues that make up the personality of the one
Who removes the clouds of unknowing that shrouds and blinds this world
Who humbles all those who come here
And who's words dwell in me

Greetings to the one who is in touch with his unmoving center
From which spirals the hard hitting sentences
Like the spiral of a closed fist of perfect concentration
That holds his house in place
That makes sense of it all
That forms and reforms those ideas that do not begin or end and leaves them
To dwell in me

Greetings to you who endure and will prevail
Who touches the life in every thing
That meets and greets through knowing
That scatters himself into uncountable lrics and gathers them all together agian
And leaves them to dwell in me

Greetings to the dynamic within which you display
Greetings to the one who very well knows the time and place from which he speaks
And shares it with everyone

Greetings to the one who's idea is to wake all those who will be woken
Who uses his intelligence within his design and forgoes the result of them
Greetings to my virtual friend who cannot be known
But who's words can be practiced and enjoyed
Then left to dwell in me

Greetings to all you have done before and all you will do after
Greetings to the one who commands respect from his superiors and inferiors
Whose every effort strives to serve the entire
Who is the one who waits with enduring patience
For his readers to catch the spirit of his thoughts words and deeds

Greetings to the mind inside the mind of this Visible dream
Who waits and watches forever
And teaches me to abide in me

Greetings from within the sleep that struggles for awakening
That cries out for union with the beloved
That cries in this moment for awakening to the one who dwells in me

Many greetings
Much, much gratitude for all you do

Hare Krishna Aloha and ARRRROOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

WV burou kinda like arooooo

howl on my friend and may peace be with Lilly.

Rob Schultz said...

Great words Les I think I'll download this a pass it onto some friends like i've done in the past. Thanks Rob S.

onething said...

I've only just started to listen to your radio shows. It's hard to say anything when there's nothing to say. This radio show is the best one I've heard yet.

Someone said below that your radio shows are similar to the latest blog. I differ. There was a bit of weaving, just a touch and I find that even more fascinating.

I love your singing voice.

Yes, I have been led, it started when I was about 14, and although I have few psychic talents I have this one, that I am given understanding on those questions which I sincerely ponder. It seems for all the world as if it is just my thought process, but the consistent high quality over the years is more than I can credit myself with. Plus, about 25 years ago, when I had agonized over a question and asked every person who I thought might know, my guardian angel came to me in a dream and said, "You have a question. I am going to answer it." And he did.

Gary.D said...

I , too , listen to every show , I also read your blogs.
the only thing I can say with any
sincerity and truth is ;
I recognise the written/spoken words
as being full of truth....even though I know almost nothing , nothing being what I had when I arrived here , fortunately , I still have most of it left , at least , it seems that way ,
given the experience I have had so far , which makes me grateful that I do not have anything , truly.
perhaps you are one of the great teachers , Les... I wouldn't know though., I do have my 'heartfelt'
suspicions though , LOL.
thank you.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I like very much this personal intimacy of us and God.

That you speak out loud of this highest of the high which is free to every last one of us.

All success to you , Les Prabhu!

And thanks..

ravenise said...

Aloha vis, wonderful show this week. Resonated with so much going on in my little world and with a few close friends of mine. The idea of letting go of attachments is something that i think most of us out here are dealing with right now in one way or another. I've a friend who lost someone dear to them recently as well and I believe this show really helped them to approach their sense of loss from a much less painful perspective. It made me re-think what it means to sever attachments as well. Thank you vis :)