9 October 2011

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A Jazz Travisty said...

Hey Les I don't normally post on your blogs but I wanted to let you know I am an avid fan of all your work and eagerly await the arrival of each of your sunday night transmissions. Tonights broadcast was wonderful and also felt like it struck a deep and resoundingly warm Amaj7 chord down in my heart. I have heard you speak sometimes that you're not sure as to why you do these broadcast every sunday as not many people tune it. Let it be known that there have been many of you 'sermons' for lack of a better term that have touch me deeply and have spoken directly to my soul beyond the ego. I think the main reason I read your blogs and listen to your radio shows is just to feel like I'm not so crazy after all.
Thanks again Les. Namaste


Kray Z8 said...

Worthy Vis, it's good to hear you again after the hiatus. I like what you said about "justice in motion; justice in action". When Karma and reincarnation are taken into account, there is never a case of unjustified suffering or unearned reward. It all happens as it's supposed to and according to individual circumstance. This, too, is for purposes of demonstration. I hope you continue with the radio shows; I enjoy them much. Thanks again.

Peace, Love, Faith,