18 September 2011

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Ravenise said...

"The've come out of their bags lately and they do whatever they please, and its all part of the program and it is for the purpose of demonstration so dont be alarmed kiddies... God has a purpose and that is where your focus should be, not on trying to figure out why God would let something like this happen... thats not your affair. Do not give the power of appearances power over you, that is the devil. Appearances are the devil. Remember what Jesus Christ said... "Greater is that which is within you then that which is in the world." He also said "If God is for me then who can be against me." The bible and all the other holy books are full of afirmations and positive statements that would be a good idea to take to heart. That which can harm and confine you has only the power that your fear of it delivers into their hands. They have no power but what you allow them to have. You've probably heard this before, you probably can intellectually accept it... but do you believe it? DO YOU BELIEVE IT? We shall see..."

"The high and mighty are going to get some good examples of that soon enough... they're going to see just how vulnerable they are, believe me. They can imagine they can rely on their soilders and their police and a great many solders police and soldiers know whats happening and will see the writing on the wall when the time comes. For the moment its their jobs and they are glad to have them. There are a lot of jobs in those areas and precious few anywhere else now and that is on purpose... and even though they are closing down the ordinary police services they are creating and increasing the size of the extraordinary private police, and contractor ranks... don't worry about it, but do keep your eyes in your head... God has it all under control and if you fall back into that with certitude and conviction it will work on your behalf... trust God in all things or trust yourself or trust the temporal authority... thats up to you."

Beautiful Visible! Thank you so much for these wise words... always appreciated. Much love and many blessings to you.