31 July 2011

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Kray Z8 said...

Sometimes the message is more important than the presentation; the substance more valuable than the form; your thoughts speak volumes, even when given informally. Thanks for takin' the time!



Anonymous said...

Its fun every week listening to you. I love music and obviously you do as well. My best friend is an Atheist or thinks he is and I forwarded him your show today. I hope you have a great week and I too feel this resonance and many people here in these mountains do as well as others throughout the world. Mans rule over man is losing.

Miriam said...

Welcome back and great show.
I really enjoyed just sitting in the room with you as you talked and thought and talked some more.

There is a lot to be said in the spaces between words, and the words between the spaces. It is easy on the mind and Spirit.

PSO said...

Thank you Les for this show. First time for me to comment.
You spoke of God as being a GREATER Consciousness.
That is HUGE. Those of us caught in the new age and other alternate crap -always use the keyword/property/characteristic of HIGHER Consciousness, and then of course they tie that into what God is -something higher -as in higher self--and the normal dummbed down individual usually thinks it means Higher is on a higher shelf! .

My point here is that you have made me see the light. BUT you would say God did it -for you do nothing. ;)

I love you man.
I listen every week.
Your truth is the truth and I too can see that now.
amazing what one word can bring down the house of cards.
Patrick from Murray, KY. USA.