14 August 2011

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Ravenise said...

"You can't reach God if you are a wildly passionate person. Oh he will let you in with dispassion but he wont respect you or call you his friend... that's a he or she as you wish to define it or it, God doesn't care."

"God is more alive and more virile than we can imagine and more immediately present then we suspect. God gives out outrageous opportunities to us and sometimes they are privately viewed but they are all equally important."

"He / She gives all power and possibility but all of it is to see where your attention lies and the degree of your gratitude... make no mistake, look at the world and wake your ass up. There is nothing you can't have or do but there are rules of engagement. God wants your full attention and if you can't muster that, then why should God bother?"

"People complain about God and deny God but I will tell you there is no better or no more loyal friend and he / she expects the same. It's all or nothing at all with God and you can hear it or not. It's no never-mind to me."

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Les, great show they always leave me uplifted with feet planted at the same time--with a big smile on my face. Only wish you had a bigger time slot but hey, it's all good. As for movies, I hope someday there's one about you--I so crave to see how the director deals with the Elvis/hitchhiker scene!

Sweet dreams...

Love you,


Anonymous said...

pierre said.

great show as always, even when said to be not so.

on those with Hubris and limiting destructive egos, the term "legend in his own lunchtime" always appealed to me.


wv: sneste . just about to take my siesta now.