3 July 2011

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Anonymous said...

Hope your travels in Italy are going well.

Looking forward to your next post.

Yours, Mouser

Anonymous said...

Good to hear your voice and your message. Anytime that I can listen to you speaking of constant devotion to and communion with the Divine as a real and meaningful life path is strengthening. There is so little support for this ideal anywhere. I am very secretive about my "true life" which is lived quietly in the constant "nagging" of the Divine to be constantly present. This does not interpret well in the world and leaves me with little to share with others. I value your courage in speaking directly about the Divine. It is very clear to me that you have experienced the actual "felt" presence of All That Is. Thank you for communicating these truths; they give comfort and much needed confidence, even though we are never promised these. M.

LifeinCreation said...

I agree with M.

I also feel like my real life happens more in the internal than in any outwardly visible way. This world as currently dreamed up by the collective does not support the true work we are here to do.

And so I also thank you for lighting the path with your fearless words Visible. That's why I am drawn here. What an inspiration and relief to have found a place to share the real work together.

with love, LifeinCreation

Miriam said...

catching up here as I return from a visit with my husband's family after a long absence.
I experienced what you so wonderfully spoke about; the harmony and dissonance of relating.

I tread lightly to speak about the Divine and leave tidbits that id anyone wants to pick up on with me, I am available.

You describe so well what is going on with me now, and as we see so many of us on this Path, and I am grateful.
Thank you Vis, again and again.