17 July 2011

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est said...

thanks for doing the shows
really enjoying them

a little manna
from heaven

traveller36 said...

thanks for the radio shows. They help me sleep... I am not saying that they are boring; quite the opposite, soothing and makes me dream with a smile on my face. Of course I make a point to listen to them again and again. Don't listen to music much nowadays.
Anyway,back to this show.When you mentioned about being at 90 degrees to the garden of eden, it reminded me of high school maths - rotation of objects about a point. The more resistant you are, the more rotation you get to experience to get aligned with the divine. If you let go, you get the simplest/shortest rotation and transformation.Thanks for the reminder, let go and get aligned the easy way. Either way,your neck will be straightened ... ouch!!

Thank you and may your path always be blessed as you share with us your many gifts and insights.


WV: hangs; murdoch's head hangs in despair as he is lead to the chair of judgement?

Anonymous said...

i have found one of the clearest speakers of this to be randall friend.

thom j

Miriam said...

Thanks again for the show Vis.

Anonymous said...

Well there you go. A radio blog.
I've never listened to your radio show Vis; maybe soon.
You write so well.


Anonymous said...

Hello Les,
I've just had a listen to a few of your radio shows.
You were saying, elsewhere, that you should get more comments here.
... this is my problem, repeat, my problem
I don't concentrate on what you are saying properly and don't fully understand what you are saying, maybe, the first time through
Your images, ideas, painted scenarios, etc. you present are such (to me) that I need to re ingest them - at the time of hearing/reading
So your written word is ideal for me to 'get' what you are presenting
Besides there are many things you write that I just must, at the time, reread
So your radio shows while being presented very well (except for that fixed intro) aren't for me
I hope this helps


Anonymous said...

Me again,
The Listen Now link needs a player with a slide bar for fast forward/replaying segments.


Sim said...

When you select "listen now", the MP3 may play in your browser window - or it may play in Windows Media Player (or Real Player, or WinAmp or any one of a hundred other players); the manner in which the MP3 will play will be determined by the local settings on your own PC (or Mac, whichever).

If therefore, you want the rewind / ff functionality, you'll first need to change your operating system settings so that the show will play not in the browser window, but in your preferred media player.

However you go about it, remember that because the listen now provides a stream of the show, fast forwarding may be a bit tricky for a while, particularly if you are on a slow connection.

I have listened to all of your shows Les and they complement your writing beautifully.

Greetings and greetings and much gratitude...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sim, one of my settings was off


Anonymous said...

pierre said
just found this site from the main Vis site... pity I had to allow some scripts through though (not that Im paranoid or think that the PTB want us all to indulge in web promiscuity).

anyway, now that Ive found the place for it, a big hug, grin and thanks you Vis for all these radio shows.
somehow they remind me of Spike Milligans audio recordings of his memoirs
the quick speech, the humour, the pathos.


ps the old site for downloads is
for newbies.

wv: afqbzer . gods way of saying no silly wv comments here. hehe