5 June 2011

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resort lady said...

Dear Visible, thank you for another wonderful message. For me, it is always a great pleasure to hear your voice and I'm sure many others feel the same way. Probably not as many comments here because you just said all that was to be said at that moment, unlike the written message that sometimes invites "more" to be said. I don't know much, except that you are the very best and I thank you for your steadfast efforts on behalf of all of us. Love, Karyn

Miriam said...

That was so inspiring and I take your message to my heart.
I will not give up, I continue to be closer to the Divine and work to be a better person.
Blessings to you.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Thank you for your words about Jacque Fresco. I only became aware of him earlier this year and was blown away by his designs. How can having a wonderful vision of the future be considered fraud? That's absurd of course but then those who want only the worst for humanity (and their enablers who disparage people like Jacque Fresco) exist in a very strange, perverted and ugly version of "reality".

I'm not commenting much lately because I'm feeling the need to absorb (and store) as much as possible while the opportunity is still available. (I think TPTB have nasty plans for the internet.) So I'm concentrating on inflow over outflow which was never of any consequence anyway.

It was great listening to your voice ... and Poncho's too.

The Lonely Ranger said...

Wow! Amazing how things just never change. 'Supression of this', and 'we can't do dat', etc...

...'just go with the flow' and dare not 'rock the boat'. ...Yeah, right...I'll get right on it!

Women don't want to be women anymore, but something else. How utterly and amazingly sick! The same goes with us guys. (BE ON THE LOOKOUT! Don't let anyone talk you in to thinking you other than what and who you are! BABY I WAS BORN THIS WAY! YES...A FUCKING MAN! GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT???)

Yeah, they'd have to label Dr. Jacque Fresco as some fraud! Hum, sounds like these money dippin' practitioners who like going ape on their quack alert sites. (Got their number!) Sounds like they're all just so jealous and green with envy if you ask me!

Better stop now before I get myself in trouble! (Lol!)

Les, keep up the wonderful work my Brother!

Another big mouth from across the Globe comin' at ya! ;-)