12 June 2011

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Anonymous said...

always a treat to hear your voice raised in praise of the ineffable, my favorite way to end/start the week! Blessings be upon you and yours, Carol

Miriam said...

Great sermon Preacher!

It is so apropos that the build up to the Apocalypse is in the Spring with all the lushness of Nature enlivening us in the outer world as our inner world also is enlivened.
'As above so Below'.

Walk and Live as if we are Divine, for we are and we just forgot.

The evil will be washed away and we will be exactly where we need to be to watch it.

Kray Z8 said...

This was the first radio show I've listened to, though I follow your blogs regularly. Both your music and your commentary are excellent. It seems you follow a calling; please keep it up. Many of us gain much from your sharing.


Bushukshi said...

Mornin’ Vis,
What a treat to return and hear the splendor of your broadcast today. Wasn’t able to catch it Sun evening as about 4 pm that aft, I started to feel as though an alien was attempting to escape from my nether regions. Turned out to be only 4 small kidney stones, but holy jeebus…..what a ride. Much grateful to be back among the living and non-screaming today.
Much gratitude for your radio broadcast-in fact all of them. After your comments a couple of weeks ago, I was concerned they might go the way of the benevolent banker, i.e., extinct. There’s just something about listening to you give the broadcast that adds so much to the flow of the spirit at the time. Feels as though I’m sitting beside you, brother. Thank you for continuing.
I sincerely hope, and in my prayers ask, that the currents of power are being withdrawn.
As with others, I live with the vacillation between frustration and hope of the current times and the Eschaton. The blindness and denial that seems to captivate humankind seems quite overwhelming at times.
Most times, now, I find it necessary to simply step back and work hard on just letting go. We find ourselves in a world, among the masses, that amplifies this truth:
Men are most apt to believe what they least understand.

When you speak of the lives given over to material concerns, devoid of any spiritual aspirations, it resonates deeply within me echoing the progression of what I have witnessed over the past decades.
Although it took some time and growth in the Spirit, I am now grateful that the Cosmos revealed to me by removing much of what was not needed.
There is surely something completely new and vibrant going on with our beautiful planet. I watch Mother Earth for signs and she tells me to just live, enjoy, show respect for Her, and spread love. Much simpler than the formula that I tried living with for so long.
I keep the Spirit within and I’m sincerely trying to visualize and emulate the world I want in order to have this heaven on earth.
This faith, so vital, so essential….yet at times, so elusive.
I do find more hope these days where I previously, had not felt much in my heart.
I look toward the stars each night with a morose yearning to go home.
Perhaps I should just focus more on trying to create this home I seek, where I currently reside.

I must remember, The Master does His greatest work in what we perceive to be impossible situations.
Thank you again, oh doggus poeticus, and much love from my little corner of the world.

Still trying to rise from the miasma,


LifeinCreation said...

Absolutely LOVED this week's broadcast. It is one I would like to listen to over and over again.

Unfortunately somewhere in the middle (until the end), there is a strong hissing type of feedback noise that makes it hard to understand some of what you are saying.

Have you noticed this?

Thank you for all you do...

Anonymous said...

The content of this broadcast was deeply edifying. UNFORTUNATELY, about 4 mins in the technical issues start. It sounds like some static electric white noise or something crackling every time you speak. Very painful to the ears. >X(

Sucks given how enjoyable it otherwise was. I don't remember any of the other shows having this problem.