3 April 2011

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the BCth said...

"One of the greatest of all the masters who traveled here was Jesus Christ. He said to call him friend, not master, because a servant doesn't know what his master is about."

The second time I've heard that Bible passage today. Christ is the master, but he (or she) also happens to be within. It's worth getting to know him as a friend, while you strive to attain the total realization that you're one with it. :)

"You have the opportunity to achieve something remarkable at this time. It is extended on the hand of grace, and all you have to do is strive for it and want it more than anything else. It has to dominate your thoughts, and you are helped along the way."

I do, I do, it does, and I have been. Which is not to say I don't tire, forget, backtrack, and lose my way often, because I do. But generally this is the case.

Thank you for yet another immortal dose of your Dog Poet's Free Truth Medicine. It does a body so much good.

Anonymous said...

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