27 March 2011

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Zoner said...

Most appreciated, sir. So very timely and needed as the changes happen almost faster than can be appreciated.



resort lady said...

Dear LV, this is absolutely your best broadcast, EVER. Reinforces my previously stated wish for the availability of "transcriptions". You are really amazing. From an unabashed fan, thank you... Karyn

Odin's Raven said...

Thank you for a very powerful broadcast Mr. Visible.

Co-incidentally, I have just come across the following article about divinity within. It is a summary of Alvin Boyd Kuhn's 'The Lost Light' (put online by pc93) by John Kaminski.


"Instead of permitting its adherents to move in the freedom of a spiritual interpretation, the ecclesiastical power is holding them rigidly to a doctrinal meaning that is badly vitiated by literalism. In exalting Jesus in unique magnificence, it lets the divinity in every man’s heart lie fallow."

"The hopes of the rabble interwove the dream of political liberation with the religious message, adding an extraneous factor to the pressure to translate allegory into a tale of history. Then as now low culture soon turned from the fervor to achieve the slow laborious task of mastering an inner kingdom of spiritual character to eager expectation of a utopian regime in world affairs. In the spiritual drama were many lines which could be so misconstrued.

Thus Christianity lost its Gnosis; and all Christendom has since had to suffer the blighting of its best spiritual effort. If by the tactic the Church may be said to have gained the whole world, it lost its own soul in the process. "

the BCth said...

Such encouraging words to hear, such exquisite explication of the truth behind appearances! Thank you so much.